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Through all of our actions, we hope to help every buyer make the best decision possible for their own finances, and one of their largest assets: their home.

Your Families Future

To navigate the real estate market, buyers must carefully build their proposal to give themselves the best chance of winning their bid.

The first thing we tell potential buyers is this: attain pre approval (not to be confused with pre qualification) so that you can waive the financing contingency (Read More). This trick can help your purchase proposal find its way to the top of the pile.

Our Loan Officers Care

As a banker and a broker, we have uniquely positioned ourselves to custom fit a loan for every client. The simple fact is this: different banks treat different factors differently.

Don’t disqualify yourself from the couch and come to the conclusion that you are “unlendable” without talking to a loan officer. This is a free service from a financial professional, and you may be surprised to learn just how much is possible.

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