What is aJumbo Loan

Flexible Qualification Terms For Properties Exempt From Conventional Financing Programs

The term “jumbo loan” is a catch-all phrase for properties that exceed the price ceiling of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae guarantees and so are exempt from conventional financing programs.

We offer a jumbo loan product to meet every need, including flexible qualification terms (asset depletion, pledged assets), property types (unique builds, investments, hobby farms, etc.), and loan sizes (over $5 million). Our creative approach to every loan allows us to find solutions that our competitors do not offer.

Benefits You’ll Love About Jumbo Loans

Enjoy down payments as low as 10%

Debt to Income ratio can be as high as 50%

Credit Score as low as 660

Cash out available up to $2.5 Million (50% loan-to-value)

Information on Jumbo Loans

Below, you will find expandable sections that give you information about Jumbo loans. If you are ready to apply for a loan, click here and it will take you to our secure online application. If you still have questions, our loan officers are just a phone call away (805.543.LOAN)

Jumbo Loans Basics

The Basics:


  • Down payment: as low as 10%
  • Credit score: as low as 660
  • Debt-to-income ratio: as high as 50%
  • Gift payments: allowed; gifts, grants, and seller concessions
  • Rate and Term: fixed and adjustable rate options
  • Ceiling: $10,000,000
  • Occupancy: primary, secondary, and investment eligible
  • Mortgage insurance: no

Notes and Special Offers

90% loan-to-value with NO mortgage insurance up $1.5 million.
~ Allows borrowers to keep their assets deployed and working for them rather than liquidating to meet large down payment requirements.

Asset depletion for income qualification.
~ Allows borrowers to use liquid assets as collateral for income to assist in meeting debt-to-income ration requirements.
~Good for complex income scenarios: self-employed, retired, divorce situations, trust income recipients, corporate buyouts, and more.

Use of business funds for down payment and closing costs is acceptable. 
~ The line is often blurred between personal and business assets. We understand that and make the mortgage financing process easier.

Cash out available up to $2.5 million (50% loan-to-value).
~ Access the home equity you’ve worked hard to build.

Hobby farm, farm, and ranch properties eligible.
~ Whether you are boarding horses, harvesting avocados, or maintaining 900 acres of grapes, we offer the financing solution you need.

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